Our Story

Who we are

We are a Winnipeg-based, family-run, privately held real estate acquisition and holding company founded on our family values.

What we've done

Our roots began when our chairman, an entrepreneurially-driven tradesman, established operations in the 60s and 70s in roofing, drywall contracting, and construction materials distribution. In the mid 1990s he began to diversify with the acquisition of three multi-tenant properties. In 2002, our president came on board and established a vision to focus on and grow our real estate holdings while our chair divested of the construction-related operating companies.

Our Vision: Relationships, Pride, Growth

Relationships: We value and grow our relationships with tenants, lenders, brokers, and our property managers. We focus exclusively on asset management and engage professional service providers to supply the property management and leasing services.

Pride: We acquire and invest for the long-term. We acquire institutional-grade properties and maintain them to that standard.

Growth: We aim to acquire one retail or industrial property per year of $4 to $14 million located in Western Canada or Minnesota. Since 2002 we have grown from four properties totalling 115,000 square feet to our current portfolio of over 1 million square feet. In addition to our wholly-owned portfolio, we are a partner in GMW Properties Ltd., a portfolio of 12 properties in Western Canada, which we have asset managed since 2004 and in which we have had ownership since the 1980s.